• She Did it - Argenil Out Now

    She Did It

    Argenil is an EDM duo based out of Bangalore, India, consisting of producer and percussionist Rohit Gandhi and Guitarist and DJ Anil Prasad. Merging their loves of performance, production, trap, and hip hop, these two friends decided to form their very own live act duo who do things completely out of the box.

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  • The Emerging - Sutej Singh Out Now

    The Emerging

    Sutej Singh is a Guitarist/Composer based out of Solan, Himachal Pradesh (INDIA). After having played numerous shows in the northern region with various artists, Sutej is set to release his debut album 'The Emerging'. With influences ranging from David Gilmour to John Petrucci and everything else in the middle, his debut effort is a promising one and reflects some sheer dedication!

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  • Lock The Door - Larry Lobo Out Now

    Lock The Door

    Lock The Door speak for every soul that has gone through love battles as each note has been transcribed based on real events in multiple people's lives.

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  • Never Let You Go (Feat. Chezin) - Atmus Out Now

    Never Let You Go (Feat. Chezin)

    Atmus drafted this song 2 years back while he was going through a breakup, and then every time he went back to work on it, it would take him back to that moment. It reminded him over & over that we all make stupid decisions and the best way to deal with them is to learn from it. But if you have chance you should ask them to not let go.

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  • The
    Art Social

    SkillBox is an Art Community Platform that is constantly evolving – always conscious of the needs of artists and arts-related businesses. Consider us a learning and adapting one-stop solution for everything to do with art.

  • Multiple Artistic Disciplines

    Art . Without . Bounds

    SkillBox works across artistic disciplines – that builds great potential for collaborations as well providing your work with an amazing marketplace. Share your original content, gain followers, showcase your art and sell your creations to enthusiastic buyers. Absolutely no middlemen.

    Multiple Artistic Disciplines
  • Comprehensive Artist Profiles

    The . Best . Me

    We provide a comprehensive way to create a complete EPK listing. No more messy PDFs, no more Word docs that can’t hold their formats. A safe and secure way to keep your artist profile visible, active and updated.

    Comprehensive Artist Profiles
  • Stream–Sell-Promote

    Make . It . Work

    An unparalleled and never-before-experienced streaming and selling platform. An arts portal where creators get maximum visibility and substantial returns. No middlemen, no expensive subscriptions.

  • News and Insights

    Get . Sharp

    News that is selected for the advancement of your mind, to discover, to understand, to sharpen your critical analysis of what’s going on in the world of the arts.

    News and Insights
  • Bookings and Contracts

    Get . It . Right

    The most effective platform to book artists online – with assured on-time payments, comprehensive on-ground support and professional execution – every single time.

    Bookings and Contracts
  • Legal Advice and Consultancy

    Letter . Law . Spirit

    Tired of getting pushed around and conned? SkillBox works to fix the ecosystem by providing artists with Legal Advice and Consultancy with one aim – to give the power back in the hands of artists.

    Legal Advice and Consultancy
  • Directory of Service Providers

    All . I . Need

    SkillBox looks at the artistic ecosystem with a 360-degree view building a repository of professional service providers from sound, lighting and design to props and locations scouts. Create and present without bounds.

    Directory of Service Providers
  • Innovation in Ticketing

    Punch . It

    SkillBox provides an innovative ticketing platform – built on the principles of fairness, sustainability and partnership. Call us if you’ve been looking for the most reasonable terms and a supportive ticketing partner.

    Innovation in Ticketing
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