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Who we are

SkillBox is an art community platform for musicians and artists, music and art enthusiasts, professionals and technicians from the music and arts ecosystem. SkillBox is a communication and social media portal, helping the community of musicians and artists from across the world come together. The platform makes discovering art and music easier, provides a business and collaboration platform and helps artists from across disciplines present their work.

Among its many integrated features, SkillBox includes a streaming player that makes it easy to publish and sell music, a blog serving the news and knowledge needs of the community, and an artists profiles section that makes organizing relevant information easier for artists, service providers, enthusiasts and buyers. The portal is expanding to offer many more features as it evolves to serve the needs of the community better.

For Venues, Festivals and Programmers

SkillBox, an open platform for artists, can help you with all your artists-related needs. SkillBox provides a systematic platform to find the right artist for your festival or gig and book them on fair and mutually beneficial terms. We work with thousands of verified, extremely talented artists and build the right synergy with your establishment on the basis of your aspirations, clientele and ambiance.
In select locations, SkillBox can also provide cost-effective Sound and Tech-Rider Support where an in-house sound system is not available or needs to be supplemented with equipment in case an artist requires more than what is available with the venue. We work with you to meet all the requirements to make every gig and event an unqualified success.

For Artists – Established and Upcoming

SkillBox provides many ways in which artists from all artistic disciplines can gain visibility, showcase their work and promote themselves. We also work on constantly getting you the sharpest insights to help your career and advancement in the arts. Some of the many ways that artists can benefit are:

  • - With our Artists Profiles section, a systematic path is created for you to present yourself according to the highest industry standards.
  • - With StreamBox, we provide a music streaming service that lets artists have a reliable way of presenting their work to discerning audiences online.
  • - With LiveBox, we are raising the bar with the highest production values banding together the best talent for the most amazing outcomes.
  • - There’s much, much more…