Reaching out to Artist Management Companies? Do’s and Don’ts

Artist management

Various members of the music community inquire about artist management companies. These companies provide management company listings and contact directories. As we often say, before you search for management contact information, you should do proper research. You should check all your options on what’s available and then set your sights for the right partnership.


If you are like most artists, you will likely make the mistake of attempting to contact without much of a compelling proposal. Simply saying you are a talented artist with some shows, a few recordings and an active social media profile isn’t enough to peak their interest.  Because there are tens of thousands of artists who could easily say the same thing. What you would need to do first is work on your pitch or proposal. That’s always a good approach prior to reaching out to these artist management companies.

How does it work?

The first thing to keep in mind is that these companies earn a 10% – 15% commission off of any earnings they help you generate. This means that your pitch or proposal will have to be centered around what income sources you currently have. And what types of additional sources can be brought into the picture fairly quickly in order for their commitment of time, energy, and resources to be worth it. The investment these companies look into is always a business model which works on profitability.


The booking agency will have to gauge how long it will take to get you from where you are now. To a point where you are generating enough income for the commission to cover their costs of doing business and then into making a profit. The higher the potential figure can be the easier it gets. The fact that shorter the time period for profitably will also get you the most attractive your offer.


You should first generate as much income as possible for yourself by using D.I.Y publicity. Use quirky marketing techniques, utilizing social media channels to reach fans and build your base. Once you’ve done that to a financially respectable level, you will be ready. To reach out to the artist management companies with a solid proposal.

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