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Over the last few years, India has seen a surge in the number of new musicians coming up. This number has especially grown in the segment of live music – i.e., there has been an upward increase in the numbers of live performers. Even published work by a lot of musicians online, on streaming platforms and social media, is mostly recordings of their live performances.
This growing surge of live performers feeds on some consequences of India’s economic growth over the last few decades, especially the post-liberalization and post-globalization era. More people have moved from being in the margins of poverty to being fairly well-off. On top of that, a lot of luxuries have become more affordable with time, and a growing interest in leisurely activities with all that free time and resources in the age of rapid industrialization has resulted in increased interest and demand for music that is performed live.
This demand is everywhere – corporate events; private occasions like marriages, anniversaries and birthdays; regular live events for restaurants, bars, lounges, and music clubs; colleges and universities; and other events. However, as an organizer, booking artists for events is not as easy as it sounds. There are the obvious logistical issues that need to be covered, of course, and then there are other things like selecting the right artist according to the mood and requirement of the event and meeting their technical requirements. The fact that a database of artists, despite such a huge number of musicians floating around, is not something available readily in the market only makes tasks like this more troublesome.
In such situations, an online artist booking agency can come in really handy. A booking agency does the job of bridging the gap between businesses looking for artists, and musicians looking for work. With its expertise and database, and ease of access on the internet, an online booking agency can pick the most favorable option from a few hundred to thousands, as per the scale, mood, and requirement of the event. A usual drawback of such an agency is that, as it functions as a middleman, it denies a direct communication between the artists and businesses, and also cuts a major portion of the artists’ profit as its own share.
Enter SkillBox, a holistic approach to integrate all aspects of the art ecosystem. The world’s first Art Community platform, SkillBox is a Social Network that connects artists, fans, and businesses all under one platform, and one of the many features of it is having the option to book an artist for your event from a database of over a thousand acts, on your own. Select your location, set your budget, and choose from the artists that best meet your requirements. The artist has the option to create the most favorable profile for themselves, uploading their best work on the platform’s streaming service, and also of dictating its own terms and prices. No middlemen, no hidden costs.
So next time you’re looking for an artist for your event, SkillBox is your one-stop-solution.

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