How is SkillBox different from any other Artist management platform?

Skillbox - An Artist management platform

In this day and age, especially in India figuring out Online artist booking or dealing with an Artist Management Platform can be a headache. If you’re an organizer or a business trying to finalize the line-up for an event. How do you go about figuring it out? Even though we live in the age of the internet. Finding an Artist in Delhi NCR can be cumbersome.

What is an Artist Management Platform?

An Artist manager or music manager is an individual or a company who guides the career of artists in the music or entertainment industry. The responsibility of managing their business affairs, legal advice, counseling is what comprises of the job of an Artist Management Platform. The responsibilities might, however, might vary.

How is Skillbox different?

At Skillbox we try to final a solution for most problems related to the music industry. We have dedicated ourselves to transform the existing system that hinders the growth of this industry. To provide an art community platform which connects musicians, artists, photographers and art enthusiasts with businesses in order to collaborate and present their work.

More than a concept, Skillbox is a communication, a social media portal and a community for musicians and artists from around the world. We have execution of the website, non-comparable to any other Art Business outfit in India.

A Stream section where it gets easier to publish and sell your music.

A Feature block where discovery becomes more approachable, whether to be an established artist or a rare finding.

A Forum where it gets easier to communicate termed to a specified range of professionals, be it the recruiters or the performers.

An Event update sectioned to let you know of the best gigs announced and their details around the country so you can plan in your days to attend what you love.

A Direct booking column so you can book your artist on the go, eliminating a role for the organizers or booking agents.

A Singular Solution

The main goal we have at Skillbox is simple. Giving the power back in the hands of the Artists. To become a singular solution for the betterment and a sustainable working of the Art Community.



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