LiveBox Launches With Spectacular Line-up As SkillBox Reveals New Live Music And Arts Initiative

In keeping with its commitment to supporting independent music and arts, SkillBox, the art community platform, has launched LiveBox as its primary performing arts brand and initiative.

LiveBox is the exclusive IP of SkillBox presented as an integrated way of presenting music and various forms of art as immersive experiences. LiveBox is all about building a community around live performances that nurtures and sustains artists. One could call LiveBox the ‘live’ manifestation of SkillBox.

Though SkillBox has many live gigs every month, the formal launch of LiveBox will be a spectacular event with many different art forms coming together around performances by Mumbai-based musician Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, Delhi madmen Fopchu, and the quartet from Assam, Kum Chirui. Set for June 28th at Auro Bar and Kitchen in Delhi’s Aurobindo Market area, the gig’s ticket went on sale in mid-May on Instamojo (find them here).

Donn Bhat wrote and produced his first solo album ‘One Way Circle’ at his home studio in Delhi in 2006. Since then, his music has been featured on various platforms including the MTV teleseries titled ‘Bring On The Night’. In 2011, he was featured as the BBC Artist of the Month on the Bobby Friction Show aired in the UK.

He has created a unique space in India’s growing independent music industry being the only live act that blends Rock, Psychedelic, Fusion, Folk, DnB and Electronica.

Delhi-based Fopchu say they defy definition and shirk genre-limiting thought. Here’s how the trio chooses to describe themselves: ‘Fopchu is the result of a successful gene-splicing experiment of three hair farmers (!), within the insidious lab known as the FopLair. They couldn’t cut it in the cutting edge life of hair farming, so they decided to return to their comfort zone of whimsical music.’

Sounds like a desperate existential struggle and we wish them the best with it.

The Assamese quartet Kum Chirui seem to have had a much simpler conception.

The band is the unification of old band members who were creating music for the popular band, Trancemigrate. Though Trancemigrate dissolved, the music it created still reverberated and paved the way for the formation of Kum Chirui.

The band members have kept the music alive since 2000 and have worked hard in giving it finesse. Kum Chirui have played at Ziro Music Festival and have a dedicated fan following here in Delhi.

Tell us what you think of LiveBox, the new initiative by SkillBox in the comments section.

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