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Over the last few years, the demand for live performing artists everywhere has seen a surge. Not only has there been an increase in regular, daily businesses having live performances as an added advantage. An attraction to draw more customers, but the demand has seen an increase also in private and corporate events. Everybody wants a piece of some live-action, and with more and more people reaching the ability to afford it. the market has really grown over the last few years.

Live music is now a part of corporate and private events – big and small – and the demand for live performance music is only going to grow in the coming years. This demand has especially seen a surge in the National Capital Region consisting of Delhi and surrounding flourishing SEZ areas like Noida and Gurugram (earlier Gurgaon). Naturally, this has also resulted in a rise in the number of artists available for performing in such gigs in recent years.

A very plausible hassle the organizers may have to face with so many options to choose from and in the lack of a proper, systematized database of all available artists in one place, is simply searching for the best options for their event. Searching for artists via word of mouth and limited knowledge of the selection pool is not only immensely difficult and tasking, but also really time-consuming. For instance, without the availability of a proper database. just finding information on bands to select from in Gurgaon, or for that matter, any artist in Delhi NCR can take up a lot of time and will require a lot of patience as well.

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In such a situation, organizers can find real relief in a platform like SkillBox. The world’s first integrated holistic art community platform, SkillBox has a database of over a thousand artists signed up on its platform. quite a few of them available for gigs in and around NCR, and a lot of others based in the region. One needs to simply go to the official SkillBox website and click on the “Book Artist” option to search from the entire SkillBox database.

The artists have the freedom to quote their own prices and with their work posted on the platform, the organizers can just simply listen and choose their perfect artist to perform in their event, be it an Independent band based in Gurgaon that makes its own music or some other, more commercial artist from some other place in the NCR. In fact, with the database that SkillBox currently has, one can search artists for events in practically any part of India.

So, the next time you’re organizing an event, you know where to stop by for your live music solutions.

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