SkillBox Launches StreamBox With An All-Fresh Indie Streaming Playlist

SkillBox has launched StreamBox, its first major offering to the music ecosystem. StreamBox launched with a curated list of the best works of 25 artists, who will also be part of the platform as it launches. StreamBox is available as a streaming player on for listeners to tune in.

Artists such as Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, aswekeepsearching, Street Stories, Fopchu, Alien Sky Cult, The Supersonics and Jordan Johnson, among others are part of the current playlist.

Speaking about this release and SkillBox, Donn Bhatt says, “I am excited to be featured on StreamBox along with such a diverse group of musicians. I also hold great hopes for SkillBox and what they are set to do with the music and arts ecosystems.”

Focusing primarily on independent artists and creating a discovery platform for listeners, StreamBox and SkillBox also plan to have a presence at various events and gigs across Indian cities.

Talking about the rollout, Nitish Bhardwaj, co-founder of SkillBox, says, “After working for more than a decade in the arts, we felt a need to provide a comprehensive platform that connects artists to the ecosystem. StreamBox is just the first of many offerings that will help artists and patrons interact in many different ways through SkillBox.”

StreamBox will soon be adding another 25-30 tracks to the streaming playlist, which SkillBox says will keep growing to cover a myriad of genres and regions across India and the world over the coming weeks.

Anmol Kukreja, co-founder, SkillBox, says the platform has much more to offer in the weeks and months to come. He says, “Music excites us immensely but we’re equally committed to all other forms of art and our plans are sharply focussed on being innovative in each discipline we foray into. Watch this space!”

One of the artists on the current playlist, Kabir Jamatia from Yesterdrive, says, “Independent music has always needed the kind of support that StreamBox on SkillBox is working on providing to artists. By creating a shared space where more people can be exposed to both upcoming and more established artists, this platform is creating direct access – from the musician to the listener. Overall, it’s good to have another medium to share our music created by people who we know and have worked with successfully.”

Tell us what you think about SkillBox, its new streaming music player StreamBox and the first curated playlist in the comments section below.

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