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Class A Recording Studios and Film Production To create, entertain, educate and bestow good values. Above all, for the joy of art. Ferris Wheel Studios has set out to become one of the most reliable ways of realizing one's artistic expression in Music, Film, or Design. MISSION We promise to aid the deserving creator and his works, no matter the background, medium or language, not only in fairness but also with utmost dedication and care. We promise to uphold the artist's true vision and integrity and never break their trust. We resolve to care for our employees as family, so in return they present their best selves in every sphere for every goal. "" I remember the first complete album I recorded. I was never paid for it nor was I ever credited, but I still hold that sound dear to me, as it was my first mistake in this career and pursuit to perfect sound. I remember the first band I made and getting kicked out of it. It was worse than my first break up. I remember losing

MOBILE 9 8 X X X X X X 1 1
ADDRESS 59/60 Second Floor, Old Judicial Complex, Civil Lines Gurgaon, Haryana

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