Ownage & Skillbox present SoundTank Sessions ft Inalab & The Earflower Experiment.

27 Sep 2019 (Friday), 08:00 pm Onwards Cafe Turquoise Cottage -TC , Green Park


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Experimental,Indie Rock
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The Earflower Experiment

Experimental,Indie Rock


SkillBox X Ownage Presents Inalab & The Earflower Experiment

Inalab :-
Inalab is the assimilation of Gaurav Balani's (Bassist/Composer - Parikrama/Shubha Mudgal/Aditi Singh Sharma) journey as a bassist/producer for several staggering Indie/Mainstream artists. The idea is to collaborate with as many musicians as possible and release experimental music like never before. Bringing varied artists together and binding their sound with a unique blend of Orchestral/Electronic element has been the theme behind Inalab's 8 single releases since 2016. The band is curating a special set for the 27th of sept with the help of some amazing artists from the Delhi Indie Scene.

The Earflower Experiment :-
The Earflower Experiment is a multi-instrumentalist project spear-headed by Astaaq Ahmed. Rooted in the immediacy and presence of live music, he creates projects that explore the boundaries between acoustic instrumentation and modern production.
Whether performing with a live band or looping instruments, Astaaq sews together a sonic space-time migration across the globe. Traditional and indigenous sounds meet new forms of electronic music, soulful vocals, melodic instrumentation and mellow beats.
Interested in the invisible connections that exist around us, his music explores the relationships between seemingly disparate elements: silence and form, ancient and future, acoustic and electronic all blend into a cohesive sonic voice.
While each performance, project or set may vary, expect a through-line of mellifluous melodies, head nodding beats and impactful musicality.

Audience: ALL