Rae Valentine at The Quarter

28 Sep 2018 (Friday), 09:02 pm Onwards
The Quarter , Mumbai South
Rock Funk
6, Mama Paramanand Marg, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004, India
Rae Valentine
Christopher Sondhiem once expressed his wish and said “If I cannot fly, let me sing.”, to Rae those words are gold as Singing helps her express herself in ways and words that she wouldn't even dream of in her normal day to day life. It is the amalgamation of all the feelings she feels and a way to let them out, some feelings are good, some are bad and singing brings her joy as well as comfort. As a child Rae grew up like a lot of other girls of her age watching Indian Cinema [Bollywood] and the one thing that was characteristic to these movies were their songs, the emotion, the lyrics, the melody which would always ignite a passion in her like she'd never witnessed and she was immediately taken by it. Her earliest singing influences can be traced to Alka Yagnik and Shreya Ghoshal. Growing up in India's two biggest cities viz Pune and Mumbai introduced Rae to western music at a very young age of 9 or 10. She was especially impressed by Taylor Swift and she is Rae's primary influence one can say. Rae believes that if you actually love something and want to pursue it you definitely will one day! Apart from Singing Rae is also a dancer, guitarist and an avid sportsperson. Despite having absolutely no professional training in any performing arts so far these early introductions to the stage provided me with a very raw experience that helped here a lot in the process of self-realization and gave Rae the confidence in her abilities today, She hopes to be able to further enhance these abilities. As of today Rae has performed with some of India's best artists including VJ Anusha Dandekar at the Garden of Dreams in Grand Hyatt, twice in Hard Rock Cafe - Worli and an amazing acoustic evening at the CIDCO exhibition, At Irish House, Treesome cafe And also At the Beer Cafe. She has toured the city of Pune twice performing in front of packed houses of Irish Village, Hard Rock Cafe, JW Marriott, Beer cafe, Effingut Brewerkz and the likes. She now looks to expand her reach and bring her music to other amazing cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Tokyo and ofcourse Goa (our very own Vegas).
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