Auro Kitchen and Bar

Under the Radar feat. Secular Chai and Cosmic Capsule

17 Feb 2019 (Sunday), 09:00 pm Onwards
Auro Kitchen and Bar
Electronic Hip Hop/Rap Jazz Funk Disco
DDA Shopping Complex 201 Sri Aurobindo Marg Aurobindo Palace Market Hauz Khas, Aurobindo Palace Market, Block C 2, Bhim Nagri, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India

Under the Radar is an opportunity where we spotlight quietly brilliant musicians from across the country that find their way to reach us every week. The independent property is known for an in-depth as well as accompanying unique and creative sounds.

Secular Chai

Aprajita Singh aka, a Delhi based Dj with the moniker Secular Chai brings to you delicious tunes and re-sampled goodness soaked in good vibes that incite all kinds of savoury feelings.

She found her undying love for music while being in the scene as a prominent raver and turned it into her passion.She is ready to bring French magic back to the music scene and delivers exactly what is needed to get the dance floor going.

She picked up a Djing course and started digging deep since the very beginning.She is a official Hip-Hop DJ of 3X3BL (Basketball league) and played for several events like Grub Fest,The People, Locals, Queer Pride Parade ,The Prohibit and other underground music communities. She likes to mix French House with Disco and hip-hop to make a fun brew of sounds and give you the right vibe to go on with your evening.

Cosmic Capsule

A firm believer and preacher in conveying his musical expression to take fun seriously (Exactly!), being colourful/diverse in palettes, having an individual character, being a pure entertainer and representing music responsibly, Cosmic Capsule is about telling interesting tales via sounds to make people rise instead of fall (asleep maybe), inspire to perspire and invoke to emote instead of being remote with oneself and others.

After falling in love with dance music half a decade back and it’s fabled story and culture from the 70’s and it’s trajectories thereof across genres and subgenres till date, paired with being a pre-meditated lover of all kinds of sounds since childhood, it would only be rude to direct and catalogue Cosmic Capsule’s sound in just 3 to 5 styles of music only.

The belief and aspiration with the music he plays, likes and wants to communicate is deeply rooted in the dream wedlock of his unique experiences of life (the journey as we speak) and messages of a variety of feelings and learnings to transmit, with the mission of instigating minds and hearts to something beyond the usual self and that of surroundings, with the dancers of the world.

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