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11th April, 2021
INR 150

Performing & Visual Arts

Agora Rewind Week 2

AGORA The Space, Guwahati
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With AGORA REWIND, we celebrate the second year of Agora and all the people who have nurtured this space and found respite in its L-shaped warmth. At AGORA REWIND, we hope to give an ode to the spirit of collaborations which has been the heart and soul of the space for the last two years. We will be celebrating our foundation month with a series of collaborative events and activities, reflecting on the year we have had in the space. Starting on 4th April, and culminating on the 25th of April, we raise a toast to everyone who has been part of the space and the many who are going to lead us into the new year.

Description of Week 2:
Week 2 we tip our hats to the environmental group working in the region. As we celebrate our podcast 'Living with the River' this week we hope to facilitate a social action based conversation around environmental issues that engulf this region of the country. Taking the river as the connecting factor among all the groups, we open the evening with a musical experience by Bottle rockets india. After this, we dive deep into the Voices of the River- a panel discussion on the river's impact on the lives of people, and vice versa. The panel will consist of an environmental researcher, an environmental lawyer, and a representative from WWF. The evening also includes a screening of Debashish Nandi's "The story of a Fisherman", a film made during his fellowship with Green Hub and finally, we explore Devadeep Gupta's work with the river as an artist. We conclude the evening with a bollywood style satire from Fridays For Future.

Event Date and Time: 11 April 2021, 5 PM
Venue Details: Agora the Space, opposite Anuradha Cinema hall, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati
Ticket price: INR 150
Terms & conditions: None
Age limit: None

Artist/speaker details:

I. The Midway Journey:
Instagram: @themidwayjourney
The Midway Journey is a Guwahati based citizens movement working in the field of waste reduction and waste management. They organise weekend riverbank cleanups and give training to citizens on source segregation and decentralised waste management. They are also involved in various projects and events to popularise the idea of a journey towards zero waste society/community.
The Midway Journey team will be moderating a discussion titled "Voices of Brahmaputra" through which we shall be discussing various pressing issues surrounding the mighty river. This interactive session will also focus on the role of citizens in safeguarding the Brahmaputra, the lifeline of Assam.

II. The Green Hub:
Instagram: Greenhub_india
It is the first youth and community based video documentation centre for recording the environment, wildlife and people’s biodiversity in North East India. To engage, and empower local youth and the community to conserve biodiversity in the North East Refion in an innovative way using the visual medium to renew and deepen the respect and understanding of nature and its resources.

III. Debashish Nandi:
Instagram: @debashish_nandi
He is a filmmaker and photographer based in Assam, India. Agora Rewind will screen his film, The story of a fisherman, which was made during his fellowship with green hub.

IV. North East Waste Collective:
Instagram: northeast_waste_collective
Northeast Waste Collective is a platform for collective advocacy and action for a better quality of environment for all and a better quality of life for waste workers.Using social design practices, striking a balance between human-centered and ecology-centered approaches, we strive to create Zero Waste Communities and Decentralized Waste Management systems across Northeast India.

At Agora Rewind, Northeast Waste Collective collaborates with Artist Devadeep Gupta to create interactive art installations made from electronic waste collected from the citizens of Guwahati. They hope to let you rewind to the 1980s-90s and get your nostalgic juices flowing by bringing back one of the most memorable technologies of that era.

V. Fridays for future:
Instagram: @fridays4future.ghy_
Fridays for Future, Guwahati, is a movement which strikes, educates and spreads awareness about the climate injustice and climate crisis in different parts of the city. On 11th of April, there will be a skit performance at Agora, The Space  showcasing the environment issues related to the mighty Brahmaputra.


VI. Bottle Rockets India:

Instagram: @rocket.bottle.india

Bottle Rockets India is a multi-lingual music band hailing from the city of Guwahati, Assam. Bottle Rockets India is known for their great combination of words and music.


VII. Devadeep Gupta: 

Instagram: @vevaveev

Devadeep Gupta is an interdisciplinary artist who uses the mediums of installations, photography, and video. His artistic practices come into play as an exploration of perspectives through community-based actions. With a focus on the absurdities of everyday reality, he employs critical language to reflect the underlying hypocrisy prevalent in modern society. Using a satirical gaze, his actions mirror the irony in the current state of social aspects that are ignored, overlooked, or oppressed. Devadeep will be working in association with North East Waste Collective for Week 2 of Agora Rewind. 

Finally, North East Waste Collective will collaborate with Artist Devadeep Gupta to create interactive art installations made from electronic waste collected from the citizens of Guwahati.


AGORA The Space

AGORA The Space

Maniram Dewan Rd, West Jyotinagar, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati, Assam 781021, India



AGORA The Space



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Agora Rewind Week 2

11th April, 2021 | 05:00 PM

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