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11:00 AM Onwards
08 December - 09 December 2023
INR 2199 - 19999


BMF JAIPUR - Bir Music Festival

Vinyasa Earth, Jaipur
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#JAIPUR are you ready for the BIGGEST FESTIVAL IN TOWN?

BIR MUSIC FESTICAL brings #BMFJaipur to Jaipur, this December!

If Banao Banao gives you high, then make your plan to #FestivalofJaipur #FestivalofIndia !

Experience Papon perform Live for you on the 8th of December, 2023.


Get your tickets NOW!

Get ready to swirl in the tunes of great music and sway in the vibes of original music, unique art, dance and movement therapies as Bir Music Festival is all set with its 8th edition in Jaipur.

What better than the blend of true color's of Rajasthani Culture and the raw vibes from Himachal. BMF Jaipur is exactly that. This season will have a never like before experience as we truly make a unique experiential retreat for two days of the festival. 

Set in the outskirts of the beautiful pink city, this season of the festival will have a fresh, raw and colorful theme. From legends of the music industry like Papon to artists with fresh, new and self created music. BMF Jaipur will present a beautiful bouquet of music. Not only this, the two day festival will have special aspects of Bir Music Festival that make it stand out from every other music fraternity. 

Sound Healing, Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Image Therapy and much more will add to the true rejuvenating experience that we are curating for you. 

This festival will not only give you great experiences and memories but will heal the inner you and replenish your hearts. 

Every moment will be full of ethnicity, originality and art. 

After-all festivals are meant to heal, energize and fill joy into lives. 

So this 8 & 9 Dec, see you in Jaipur for the most unique and fulfilling experience.

Experiential TransformationLive BandMusic FestivalLive Performance
Vinyasa Earth

Vinyasa Earth

near Gujaro Ki Dhani, Meshwas, Rajasthan 302012, India



Angaraag Mahanta, known by his stagename Papon, is an Indian playback singer and composer from Assam. Papon has also sung in many languages apart from Assamese like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi. He is the lead vocalist and founder of the folk-fusion band Papon and The East India Company.
Arjan Singh



Bir Music Festival, an event dedicated to nature appreciation and sustainability, places the utmost value on the respect for all individuals, the environment, and various forms of art. To maintain a harmonious and responsible festival experience, we have established following rules and guidelines. These rules are not meant to infringe upon any individual feelings, but to uphold a certain standard of conduct within the festival.

Ticket Policy : All tickets to the festival are non-refundable. In the event of performer changes or unforeseen cancellations due to extreme weather, no refunds will be issue.

Entry Requirements : Admission to the festival is contingent upon the presentation of a valid ticket and matching identification at the box office.

Ticket Validity : Each festival ticket grants entry to a single individual and allows access to the festival area on specified dates. Please note that the ticket does not encompass accommodation or meals.

Responsible Alcohol Consumption : We strongly discourage driving after consuming alcoholic beverages. Attendees may consider availing our on-site stay packages or, alternatively, refrain from consuming alcohol. The festival bears no responsibility for any accidents that may occur as a result of driving under the influence. Any indecent behavior resulting from excessive alcohol consumption may lead to the cancellation of festival entry.

Plastic Reduction Efforts : As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we do not sell water bottles at the festival. Complimentary drinking water is readily available to all attendees, and reusable glasses or bottles can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Waste Disposal : Attendees are kindly urged to segregate their waste into designated bins for proper disposal, contributing to a cleaner festival environment.

Smoking Restrictions : Smoking is strictly prohibited while walking, in non-smoking areas, and amidst crowds to maintain a smoke-free environment.

Safety and Enjoyment : In the interest of preserving peace and ensuring enjoyment for all, dangerous behaviors such as moshing, diving, or throwing objects are prohibited. The festival holds no liability for injuries or accidents resulting from such actions, and any incidents should be resolved amicably among the involved parties.

Prohibition of Drugs and Intoxicants : The use of drugs or any form of intoxicating agents is strictly forbidden within the festival grounds. Violations of this policy will be reported to local law enforcement authorities.

Accountability for Incidents and Theft : The festival's production team, venue, and participating artists assume no responsibility for accidents or thefts occurring both within and outside the festival site.

Unauthorized Entry : Individuals found attempting to enter the festival without valid tickets will incur a fine equivalent to ten times the ticket price. This not only serves as a deterrent but also upholds the respect due to those who have purchased tickets to partake in a legitimate festival experience.

BMF JAIPUR - Bir Music Festival

08 December - 09 December 2023 | 11:00 AM

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