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19 Jun 2020 - 27 Jun 2020
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Blackblood The Lockdown Sessions 3.0

Livestream on Facebook, Mumbai
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Locked down under the wrath of Corona Virus and Covid-19, we are back with the third edition of heavy, and this time Facebook is our warzone. The Lockdown Sessions 3.0 has acts from all corners of India with vivid sub-genres under metal genre. 

Pay what you want! 

Mark the dates 19-21-23-25-27 June 2020.

Time: 5 -7 PM on Blackblood India Facebook page.

Complete Lineup below:

Demonic Resurrection - Sahil Makhija (Mumbai)

Chronic Xorn -     Suvam Moitra(Kolkata)

Jammers Graveyard -    Pawan Damai (Assam)

Obliterating Vortex -     Sailu Rasaily (Darjeeling)

Laksh Thamman - Killkount    (Bhopal)

Mors Verum     - Lyndon Quadros and Mrudul Kamble(Toronto)

Crystal and The Witches -    Diwash Rai (Gangtok)

Letters -     Asxem Dlean (Mumbai)

Illucia -    Nitin Charles (Bangalore)

If Hope Dies -    Aakash Sherpa (Siliguri)

Toshimoa Jmr (Nagaland)

Infestation -    Vivek Katore (Nagpur)

Ephemeral -    Rishikesh Dharap (Pune)

Moral Putrefaction -    Shiva Moorthy (Chennai)

Acid Pit -    Shubhodeep (Delhi)

Shankul Chavan    (Nasik)

 Godia -    Isaiah Anderson (Chennai)

Aempyrean -    Clinton (Bangalore)

Regicide -    Sudarshan (Bangalore) 

Targe -     Ivin Viegas (Mumbai)

Livestream on Facebook

Livestream on Facebook

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Jammers Graveyard
We came into formation in 2011. Our songs are mostly based on exploitation caused by religious beliefs, environmental hazards triggered by human activities, and social issues that negatively affects people within a society - (LYRICALLY), with some aggressive, choking riffs influenced by CARNIFEX and slamming riffs by ABORTED, BENEATH THE MASSACRE - (MUSICALLY).
Letterz is an instrumental progressive band from Mumbai, India whose members are Tejas Narayan and Shannon George on rhythm guitars, Asxem Dlean on lead guitar, Adil Kurwa on bass and Aritra Basu on drums. The project began as Tejas’s studio project back in 2010. The songs lay dormant until he met Asxem Dlean and started making plans for taking it live. They found the other three members after a year of auditioning musicians. Everyone in Letterz grew up listening to bands like Soundgarden, Tool, Meshuggah, Rage Against The Machine and then Animals As Leaders, Haunted Shores, Textures and Sleeping People later on in college. You can hear the influence these bands had on them when listening to the band’s grunge-meets-djent style of groove based odd time signatures in their music. Check out our debut EP 'Imagine Salt' on all streaming platforms!
Acid Pit
Acid Pit is a metal band from Delhi, formed in late 2011. They released a single in mid-2012 called Up From Slavery on Soundcloud.Acid Pit's music has seen a variety of changes ranging from a very Lamb Of God influenced brand of groove metal, to a very short stint of death metal influence, to the sound that they currently stick to, which is closer to the sound of newer iterations of metal, ranging from progressive and groove. The bands influences range from Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Gojira, Devil- driver to more recent bands like Wage War, Thy Art Is Murder Monuments, to name a few.
GODIA is A Progressive Metalcore Band From Chennai, India. GODIA is Heavily Influenced By Metalcore Bands Like August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me The Horizon And Progressive/Djent Bands Like Periphery, Tesseract, Textures & Meshuggah.



  • This is a digital event and will be streamed online on Instagram.
  • You will be given a specific zoom URL link to join the session with a unique password.
  • You can Contribute whatever you want for the session.
  • The sessions are for half an hour each online.
  • Age limit to enter the Event / Buy tickets: None
  • No refunds on purchased ticket are possible, even in case of any rescheduling.
  • Show details and the artist lineup are subject to change as per the artist’s discretion.
  • You may face interruptions during the course of the live stream due to internet connectivity issues.
Blackblood The Lockdown Sessions 3.0

19 Jun 2020 - 27 Jun 2020 | 01:57 PM

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