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My Baby

Performers Collective School of Music - Delhi,
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MY BABY – MOUNAIKI ~ By the Bright of Night
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“The music pulsated throughout the room and the trance inducing rhythm seemed to put a spell on her….”

These are not only the words of the story MY BABY has written that lies at the heart of their fourth album, it also is the essence of what the band is bringing with their music and live show to an ever-growing audience.

For those of you not yet familiar with the Dutch-New Zealand trio, they play roots driven hypnotic dance. It’s a sound informed by gospel and blues singing and playing fused with ancient folk melodies. Added to that is the rawness of seventies funk, African desert blues, Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and a touch of EDM all played on guitars and drums without using computers or samples. They have been spreading their psychedelic blues-trance rave to the approval of audiences worldwide since 2012, featuring on renowned festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Isle of Wight (UK), Sziget (HU), Fusion (DE), Exit (RS), Lowlands (NL) and Pinkpop (NL).

MY BABY is more than just the band’s name. It’s a title that refers to an allegorical figure, a central character in the band’s musical story. She is in part a phantom muse, a result of the combined imagination of the band members. She’s often described as, ‘a girl in the '70's fantasizing about being a flapper girl and dancer in the '20’s.


For their latest album they started writing a story about their muse first.

The trio elaborates:
DANIEL ‘Da Freez’ Johnston (Guitar)

“We thought it would be interesting to start with writing a story that follows the narratology of the hero’s journey. This offers a template for a tale that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, overcomes a crisis and returns home transformed. A story that takes place during the course of a night. It starts in early evening as the sun sets and the final stages take place at dawn.

The songs on the album are meant to accompany the story.”
JOOST Sheik van Dijck (Drums/Vocals) explains the title MOUNAIKI and the motives of the main character;

“Mounaiki is the shamanistic name given to the main character and to the experience she goes through. A ‘spirit name’, if you like. It means ‘love and will’, or the combined energy of love.

The character’s quest to find meaning and identity leads her to a path of transformation.”

The world that MOUNAIKI inhabits consists of the suffocating environment of suburbia, with all its limitations, juxtaposed by the exhilarating experience of the inner city with its boundless possibilities. The pervading threat of anonymity in the city leads to a search for tranquility in nature.
“This way of working allowed us to be very diverse in our songwriting. The labyrinthian dream like world, where the character travels through different ages, inspired us to delve into jazz and ragtime from the twenties, the american songbook of the thirties as well as film scores from forties film noir and italian neorealism.” Says Lead singer and Guitarist CATO van Dijck.
“The challenge was combining these influences with our established blend of folk, blues, funk and psychedelic trance. Storytelling on top of a hypnotic groove is how I would summarize what we tried to achieve while in the studio.” ‘We took inspiration from many musical heroes of ours. Most notably Sly Stone, who also became a character in the song ‘SUPERNATURAL AID’, adds JOOST.
CATO also describes how some of the Band’s own personal experiences have influenced the songs on the album, BORDERLINE in particular;

“Borderline is inspired by our experiences while taking part in making a short documentary about the refugee crisis, filmed at the Serbian border. We stopped at the border to meet the people there and listen to their stories. The song is a depiction of being on the road and experiencing the twisted irony of being free to travel everywhere you want whilst witnessing the troubles of others less fortunate as you gaze out of the window of your vehicle, while passing by a refugee camp on the border. Although the injustices are all too clear to see, what prevails is a combined feeling of being humbled by the strength and positivity of the people there, who have so little, and the inspiration you take from observing the importance of hope.”

The documentary was part of the band’s role as ‘Ambassadors of Freedom, an honorary title given annually to Dutch artists by the Dutch Government. It involves calling attention to the importance of freedom in our society.”
The blues aesthetic has always been an important influence on MY BABY material.

DANIEL gets to the heart of the matter by explaining IN THE CLUB:

“The core of that blues feeling is about losing something that is larger than yourself, something which really defines you. A person you love for instance. When that is taken away you feel emotionally, spiritually desolated, that heartbroken feeling. Quite often you find yourself on the run, trying to escape such turmoil. The club is a place where you escape to, a sort of purgatory.

In the club you may find you become a different person. You seemingly inhabit a new reality but it does not match your expectations derived from fantasy. And in that fantasy lies an image of what you aspire to be. The club symbolizes a faltered version of an ideal.

The song encompasses the moment of clarity when you realize the things you pursue in order to be happy become invalid but you aren't able to reconcile at once...all you are left with is the uncertainty of knowing the path you have taken is no longer the right one and you are forced to redefine the core of who you are and what you want to become”


To put a long story short: MOUNAIKI ~ By the Bright of Night, tells the story of a band that has embarked on a journey and that isn’t afraid to change and improve the (musical) world around them.

Performers Collective School of Music - Delhi

Performers Collective School of Music - Delhi

M 113, Greater Kailash 2 New Delhi



My Baby

Roots driven hypnotic dance music
  Hitchhiking fate to the family star, My Baby ran away to join the
circus. They made their way through Europe in a procession of
caravans, as part of a vaudeville troupe they’d met in Spain. Wheeling
into town after town, performing every night and practising in the
day, My Baby learnt the art of performance. As sword-swallowing and
knife throwing were not skills at which they excelled, they found in
the mixing of their voices a magic that brought the rowdy audience of
drunks and boisterous children under their spell. When the two brothers
and one sister held certain harmonies it was as if the alchemy of the
moment ran like quicksilver through the crowd.

On one particularly humid night, somewhere in the south, My Baby were
playing a bar which liked to book up and coming acts. It got humid as
hell that night, the place was packed, and the atmosphere was fully
charged. It took them a while to get on stage (I found out later that
was due to an argument among the musicians about whether Mohammed Ali
would have been better at the trumpet or guitar). The audience started
to get impatient. It was like the mood of the weather and the feeling
in the room were connected. And when the heavens finally opened, and
they took the stage, a flood of relief rushed across us all.

By the third song, I was on stage. Part of a group with their arms
around the brother, who was smiling at us while singing and playing
drums. It was a spell to stand there, in the middle of those
three-part harmonies, standing on stage and looking back at the
swaying mass that was the audience. I saw couples grabbing each other
close, whispering confessions; I saw groups hanging off the stage and
nestled up amongst the piano; girls lying in the beams, smoking in the
ceiling. They sang along with the choruses, they applauded with love
at the end of each song and they willed My Baby to sing more, to sing
better, to take them somewhere special.

Midnight Turns came at us out of the dark, a benediction of light as
the storm played away outside, clearing the air and returning to us
some feeling of grace. It was a perfect performance, My Baby as
singers but also as a singing family, travelling through the world and
trying to sing the truth of what they see. The last note faded,
sacred, and, for one second, everything remained in perfect
equilibrium. This was rudely broken by the banging entrance of three
policemen, none of them smiling. They marched towards the stage with
expressions as implacable as mountains and a body-language that spoke
of unfriendly things.

The musicians were already in their cars by the time My Baby made it
out the back. They hid for a while under one of the old wagons. Then
they ran for it and by grace and good footwork, got themselves down to
the railway tracks. The summer air, cleared after the storm, was sweet
and three teenagers stood, for a second, in freedom and wonder. It was
then they felt the tingle of the tracks, the rumble of something
coming unmistakably down the line.
They hopped their first train, and it took them to freedom and the stars.



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My Baby

30 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2020 | 09:00 PM

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