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Deepak Kamboj
Deepak Kamboj

October 18, 2020

Hi Everyone, Presenting my #DebutSingle #TeraHissa
Make sure to give it the love it deserves :)

Credits & Team Introduction:
Singer - Deepak Kamboj
Lyrics - Raj Kamble
Composer - Harsh Leo
Music Arrangement - Gourav Azad
Mix & Master - Gourav Azad
Animation & Illustration - Devanshi Chitalia

The Song:
I have been waiting for a very long time for this moment. It took me more than 2 years to complete the song. I had been so busy with the family and my kids Vir(3y) and Viana(6m) that my whole focus just went to Supriya and the kids. But finally, I was able to take some time from my schedule and complete the song production with a nice and cute lyrical animation illustration which I got especially done for Supriya. I wanted this song to be for you Supriya, My debut single !!

An excellent choice of words penned by my friend Raj based out of Mumbai who happened to meet me by coincidence on Instagram. I still remember we just had a small chat and he said I would like to write a song for you. I welcomed this with open arms and asked him to go ahead and share something which is romantic and which suits my vocal scales. It had to be a lovesong I said and we began to work on it. A few days later Raj and Harsh shared the rough version of the song and it was amazing and at that time I knew that this is what I had been waiting for my #DebutSingle

Framing of the Song:
The journey of the song began and I started to frame the song, I tried many versions but something was just not right, there was one part of the song which was not fitting well in the frame and I was really struggling with it and produced so many versions but it would still not fit in. It was time I sought some professional help and thank god that Gourav and excellent music arranger who came to the rescue.

It's not because he is my brother that I am saying this, but trust me he is one of the best musicians you will ever meet. Just 25 and he has already achieved and learned so much in this industry. He was able to shape the song to its actual worth and exactly how I wanted and finally fixed the frame and melody part which was a bit off. But I am so happy how the final version has shaped up. Thanks, Gourav you are the best, Love you bhai :).
Here is his Instagram profile. You can follow him if you like the work.

The Video:
Due to COVID 19, I could not shoot the video as I planned, I wanted it to be shot in different locations with a very close friend of mine who did my recent covers but because of some production and pandemic challenged I decided to go for something different this time. An illustration with lyrics, capturing some special moments of my life with Supriya. In this video, you will see how I have tried to get some special moments from our marriage ceremonies. I also wanted to capture Stockholm in my video, so I picked up Eric Ericsson Hallen, (, the place where I and Supriya gave our reception party. I also captured some old buildings from Stockholm's old town also known as Gamlastan. Thanks to Devanshi Chitalia for making my visions into reality. The video has come out really well and you did a fantastic job :).
You can follow her if you like our work together.

Special Thanks: A special thanks to all of you who took their time to read my description, I know it's long but I wanted to talk in detail with all of you since it's my debut single. A special thanks to my support system Supriya Nanda Kamboj, Tarun Kamboj, My Mom, and all my family and friends who always put faith in me and support me.

I hope you will love the song and share it, comments on it, like it, insta reels it :).
In the end, it is also important to keep connected to me and stay up to date with my plans and upcoming singles so don't forget to subscribe to my channels. Especially Youtube and Spotify. Here is the link to all my social and music profiles.

Love, #DeepakKamboj

Lyrics "Tera Hissa"

Mere jism mein, Tu hai rooh si,
Mere dard mein, Tu sukoon si..

Mere jism mein, Tu hai rooh si,
Mere dard mein, Tu sukoon si..

Mere ha mein tu, Mere na mai tu,
Teri kahani main, Meri kahani tu..

Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...

Har lamha sunhera, Tere hone se..
Dil darta hai behaad,Tujhe khone se..

Samandar se gehra, Hai rishta yeh..
Ishq rang chadta hai, Nikharta hai...
Ishq raag chadta hai, Nikharta hai...

Koi puche, jo haal mera,
Mai kehta, Mai badhiya hu
Na juda reh sakoon...
reh sakoon...

Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...
Mai tera hi to hisaa hu...

Love Song
Singer songwriter
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Monika Chahal
Monika ChahalOctober 19, 2020

Such a sweet intro. The strings sounds wonderful

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Sushil Sharma
Sushil SharmaOctober 19, 2020

Better half :)

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RetrospectOctober 19, 2020


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