GODLESS - Oneiros (Official Music Video)

Godless unleash their debut music video from the EP 'Centuries of Decadence', available worldwide on Transcending Obscurity. Lyrics : Invading your dreams at night And causing nightmares to scum Meticulous execution Through the portals of the ivory gate Oneiros of the endless The lord of the nether-realm The king of the dream-world The shaper of form Captured by an occult ritual Held prisoner for a hundred years Now set free in our time The king of the dream-world The captors shall be avenged And his kingdom rebuilt Oneiros, the sandman [x4] Immortal of the endless Unbound by space and time Neither limited from the waking world Across countless realms he walks None shall encroach his domain Not even god or the devil Angels tread petrified Victims lay terrorized Ruler of dreams and desires Of all mortal men One among the sons of Gaea He dwells among the dark shores of Oceanus Prepare the ivory gate for his next victim Ruler of dreams and desires The captors shall be avenged And his kingdom rebuilt All of the past sins undone A billion years set in his ways [x2.5] One of the hardest working metal bands in India, Godless with band members from Hyderabad and Bengaluru has gained for itself a loyal and strong following. These purveyors of Thrash-influenced Death Metal have won rave notice and acclaim in India as well as abroad. After the very well-received debut EP “Centuries Of Decadence”, the band is working on material for its new album. The release of their debut EP saw them opening of the mighty Behemoth and then going on India's largest metal tour yet along with Tech-Death masters, Psycroptic.



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