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Bonzo feat. Julie Hill & Keshav Dhar
Bonzo feat. Julie Hill & Keshav Dhar

Inalab is the assimilation of Gaurav Balani's (Bassist/Composer - Parikrama/Shubha Mudgal/Aditi Singh Sharma) journey as a bassist/producer for several staggering Indie/Mainstream artists. The idea is to collaborate with as many musicians as possible and release experimental music like never before. Bringing varied artists together and binding their sound with a unique blend of Orchestral/Electronic element has been the theme behind Inalab's 8 single releases since 2016. The main line up consists of Shruti Dhasmana // Suyash Gabriel // Archit Anand // Shashank Singhania // Gaurav Balani

Electronic Experimental


Ravi Dhiman Saw you guys at Raasta, you guys were amazing. Nice to see you here✌✌

September 12 Reply

Inalab Thanks, Ravi 👊

September 12 Reply

Amit NIIIIICE.....

2 days ago Reply