Harchi (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for ‘Harchi’, the first song to be released from Kum Chirui’s debut album , “Ora-Cult”. Ora-Cult is releasing this fall. About Harchi : The term 'Harchi' translates to ‘shadow’. The song mainly focuses on the mythical creature “Tisso Jonding” (Tisso, which is the name of the creature, and Jonding meaning tall/slender), reinterpreting what might have been the creature’s beliefs otherwise (believed to be an extra dimensional being with the ability to appear and disappear in two worlds simultaneously in Karbi legends). In short, the story is about a creature who was summoned from the forest to live amidst humans. The song is the juxtaposition between light and dark; humans and other creatures. It invokes the parallels of existence; if humans are the light then are these deep forest beings the shadow? Or is it the other way around? Lyrics (English translation in brackets) : Chorus:- Sining le tok plut ta, ling lang (Hit the sky, it trembles and shakes) Longle tok dup ta, ling lang (Stamp on the land, it trembles and shakes) Birik a rong karlu, aro kenemphru (Climb the chilli plant, it's branch is fragrant) Angnim ave, apu ave, ason kave (But it has no smell, no flower, nor any function) Chiri arong charlu, aro sining chele (The vine creeps, branching to the sky) Ave ave, anem ave, achor kave (It has no persona, no order, no companion) Botor kiku, ae'seng chethe (Call of the season, to confide in someone) Ove kipru, ae'seng do’ae (Youth blooms, the heart’s longing endures) Munthi eson, keklem aeson, ningje eson (Think one thing, do another, speak another) Chingbo chingbo, chingbomeme, ason kave (Loss, despair, meaninglessness) Kiri kethai, keklem kesai, tovar kangsai (Seek and fill, toil and trudge, clear the way) Emang dota manghu mangram (Dream is all but chaos) Manghu me’me emang do'ae (Bewildered but the dream remains) Chepatu chiri ta (Play hide and seek) Harchi chini ma chiri ta (Know your soul if you seek) Manghu mangram, manghu me’me (Chaos and disorder) Emang do’ae (The dream remains) Chepatu chiri ta (Play hide and seek) Harchi chini ma chirita (Can you seek your soul) Manghu mangran, manghu meme (Disorder and chaos) Emang do’e (The dream remains) Lyrics written by The'ang Teron, translated by Mr. Ds Teron Music by Kum Chirui Mixed by Raikom Terang, mastered by Subu Nomo Artwork by Sersumbi Terang, The’ang Teron and Serleen Ingtipi Video by Sersumbi Terang Social Media // Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/kumchirui/ Instagram:- https://www.facebook.com/kumchirui/ Twitter:- https://www.facebook.com/kumchirui/ For any queries write to us at kumchirui@gmail.com Released on notveryobviousnotrecords. Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/kumchirui/ Instagram:- https://www.facebook.com/kumchirui/

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