Simultaneous Amnesia (Official Audio)

Written back in 2011, 'Simultaneous Amnesia' is the 7th song on 'Ora-Cult' and the second release off the album. Reflecting on the trends of the recent past, the song is a call to the youth to introspect and to find who they really are. Lyrics : Mistakes we make, we learn to grow old Recounting, reflecting on the dark side (Chorus) More than we know, You question(x2) More than you owe, Remember(x2) What lies ahead is just another dream, Pulling down all the curtains, Just to see what’s coming through (Chorus repeat) Are you looking for someone Yes you are, yes do Running down the mile Zigzag along All the way Long ago Behind, the hills Find the secrets and we hide it (No one ever knows) Behind, the hills Find the secret and dispose it (No one ever knows) Don’t look back now Just lock the door Leave it all behind Traces are of what’s left behind And left to find Video by Sersumbi Terang Audio Mastered by Subu Nomo

Alternative Experimental Indie Folk


Sanjay Bisen Great Music

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