Peepal Tree - Bhuviyidu - Live @ Town Hall

On October 8th, we had the privilege of sharing the stage with Trace Elements which then consisted of Paolo Di Sabatino, Christian Galvez and Jojo Mayer / Nerve. The gig was organized by Sandeep Chowta of Sandeep Chowta Projects, who over the years has, at his own expense, brought down some of the world's finest musicians to India. This is "Bhuviyidu", recorded live (the recorded tracks mixed by none other than Sandeep himsef) from that day! The monster mix at the venue was done by Dwayne Das from Mumbai and newly renovated Bangalore Town Hall, the venue! Lyrics - Abhijit Mahesh Peepal Tree is Sujay Harthi on Vocals Tony Das on Guitars Praveen Biligiri on Bass Willy Demoz on Drums

Electronic Rock Folk