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Sugar Pie
Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie is RigMona's most recent Pop Single written and composed by Monalisa, singer of the Project. It has been arranged and performed by Rigden Wangbu, Founder of the Band. He has mixed and mastered the song aswell. Sugar Pie definitely comes from a happy place. It has all those emotions of our onstage experience, people dancing and having a good time with us. We tried to maintain the simplicity throughout the song, and hoped to create a key hook. It's definitely something we've never tried before, but it's ready and we're super excited. It's also the first we tried to mashup lyrics with Nepali and Western lyrics. As we specialize in English Pop/Rock. We hope it's gonna be fun and new for our audiences. RigMona : 2014 June Core Members - Rigden Wangbu Yolmo (Founder) Monalisa (Singer) Originals : Ordinary Lover We All Believe in Love Nepal : Chame Ra Gauthalee Future Plans : Release more originals as a Duo Project and a Band RigMona Collective. Both Projects will sound completely different. RigMona Collective : Sailendra (Drums) Shrikant (Guitar) Mingma (Keys) Rig (Bass) Monalisa (Voice) We aim to enter every household with our music. Our Music will always have a happy and upbeat Vibe. It always was and always will be. We are more than excited to release Sugar Pie.

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