Hey There !!! Winston Balman and The Prophets of Rock

Winston Balman the “artist” came into being way back in 2003, while in school in Dehradun. It was then, that he found his calling, and realized he wanted to devote his life to music and other performing arts. You can often hear him say this with a smile, ''if I wasn't doing this I would have been doing nothing ''. There is an intensity about his music that makes you want to go “once more”. We don’t hear a lot of people say this today, but being an old schooler himself, this is what he has to say about music – “I feel it is not the complexity of the music that is involved but the person or story behind it that make even the simplest of music sound beautiful. I believe that music should be able to sow seeds of peace. Most of my songs are very country and I like to keep them that way”. The interesting thing about him is he doesn’t hold back when it comes to writing his own songs. You will get a glimpse of his life in his own compositions, which is very admirable. “I don’t like to beat around the bush”, he says with a grin on his face. The Band - The band amalgamates as a group of sorts who bring their own creative talents to the fore to perform a power-packed set consisting of Winston’s originals and a few covers of classic blues, rock n roll, and popular hits. The band has been regularly performing following a line-up change a few months back and looks ahead to touring the country with the music they produce. Having recently released his latest single ' Hot Mama Blues', Winston Balman is all set to rock out with his mates Sagar, Hanu Jeet and Archit with a host of originals.

Rock Alternative Country Blues