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  • Anonymous Musician/Band 1 year ago

    How to prepare for my first time on stage? 

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  • Monica Singh fan 1 year ago




    There are few steps by which you will learn a ways to prepare youself for the stage. With this information you will be ready for anything with singing, dancing, and dialogue.

    1. Learn your lines. Practice makes perfect, so think of learning your lines as studying for a test that if you fail everyone knows and you can not take it again. Use a highlighter to make your lines jump off the page. When studying, say the words out loud. Have a friend run your lines with you when you're not in rehearsal.
    2. Learn your song. Singing memorization is just as important as dialogue. Lyrics can be tricky. Study and go over them as much as possible. Sing in the mirror so you can see what you look like while singing, this helps correct any mistakes you may or may not have made.
    3. Practice any dancing. You must have the patience and time' to work at it everyday. Take your time and learn the steps the right way first so you do not have to go back and slow everyone else down.
    4. Always make a strong choice about your character. In other words, I "kind of" love the other person is a weak choice. I'm crazy about the other person is a strong choice. Ambiguity does not work on stage. Remember to exaggerate all character choices so that the story and your character come across clearly.

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