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  • Anonymous fan 10 months ago

    How to host Comedy Show?

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  • Monica Singh fan 9 months ago

    The beginning of a comedy show is pretty abrupt. Crowd members go from talking and interacting with each other to being told to settle down and get ready for the show. When the host is announced, the lights come on and it’s “go time.”

    The job of the host is often overlooked. I am here to tell you that having a great host can make a bad show good, and a good show great.The host job goes much deeper than simply being the first act up and telling jokes.As a host, your goal should go far beyond starting a show. Lets now take a look at what makes an incredible host.

    It start from welcoming guest to uniting,a great host is able to unite a group of strangers into one cohesive audience. An host doesn’t have to be over the top, but they should have energy, enthusiasm and instill confidence in the audience. Again, just like the ringmaster builds suspense and enthusiasm, an host makes the show build to a finale.



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