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  • Anonymous Musician/Band 1 year ago

    How to prepare the perfect script keeping your audience in mind?

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  • Monica Singh fan 1 year ago

    Whether it’s a work of fiction, a poem, or the narrative of a soul, good writing pulls the reader into the reality of its words and imprints an experience in the mind’s eye as real as any staged play.

    I’ve found a handful of  techniques that can help tell any story.

    1:Establish and maintain a clear voice- that means in a well-written play, each character has his own speech patterns.  Some ramble; some utter grunts. Some use flowery language; others are coarse. If they all sound alike, none feel genuine, and the audience senses a disconnect.If we are writing a work that requires more than one voice, we should be careful that no given speaker flips back and forth that gets distracting. Each voice should be distinct to ensure fluidity and credibility.

    2:Speak in vernacular-Characters on a stage need to convey their personalities through the way they speak, and the more natural the speech is, the more accessible the character. That is partly why plays are not written to sound like chemistry text books.Intentional disregard for a rule can create a timing or mood effect that enhances the writing. Conscious use of fragments, for example, can direct pacing or add emphasis. And it’s how people talk.

    3:Show, don’t tell-Although it is occasionally necessary to have a Narrator explain exposition in a play, that’s usually deemed a cop-out for a script writer. Audiences should ideally be able to pick up on the context from the dialog and action.A well-placed line can give attentive listeners information about the past and clues about the future.

    Well-crafted scripts make sure that questions are left unanswered and conflicts left unresolved at the end of each act so that the audience will keep coming back for more.When writing, we need to be aware of the adrenaline levels of our readers.













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