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  • Ankit fan 3 months ago

    All time favourite rapper u both guys, seedhe maut. 

    Encore abj and calm, your lyrics have so mch meaning and its connect straight to heart.

    Seedhe maut all songs is fire and all song are my favourite song. I listen them so much times. one of each have different vibe and it is relatable to ours life. 

    So thanks for making great songs for us. Keep blessed and u have to go long away.


  • Harigovind Gopakumar fan 3 months ago

    Music by Seedhe Maut shows me that despite whatever happens, all you need is the willpower to keep going and all that you want will materialise. After listening to Calm's work from his Calmchor days, it is really amazing to hear SM reach this new level of sonic excellence. More than all that, what makes me want to keep listening to the boys, apart from the fact that they rep Delhi, is the fact that a lot of their songs have been with me through the toughest times I've been through.

    Pankh has all but saved my life and motivated me to live to see another day and not end it all. PNP has been my jam when things worked out and I felt like a total baller. Kyu has been with me when I lost the people I love. Meri Baggi has hyped me up when I was down. Royalty has taught me to look beyond the glam, Classikh Maut has made me feel that if and when I'm in a fight, I'll prevail and most of all Kranti has taught me to value my own self, and set me on the path of confidently pursuing my goals. So picking a favourite is hard, but there it goes. That's basically my relationship with the duo and their work. 

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