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  • Anonymous fan 11 months ago

    What do people that don't enjoy metal music think of it ?

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  • Himanshu Devgan - Ozyris Musician/Band 11 months ago

    Though being from the commercial music scene in Delhi myself, I love metalheads(I think they are the most humble and nice people from heart) and metal music. Though non-metalheads have lots of issues with metalheads. Some of them I feel are as follows:

    1. Metalsheads are angry - Metalheads are some of the most coolest and humble people i have ever met and i don't think that any metalhead listens to metal because of negative agrresion. I think the power that metal music brings in is what harbors the love for the music amongst its followers.

    2. Metal is noise and doesn't require Skill - Gojira one of the biggest metal bands creates magic with the so called noise and  for records are one of the most skilled musicians 

    3. Lyrics cannot be understood - Listem to a power metal band and all your doubts about "lyrics cannot be understood" will be cleared . Power metal bands have the cleanest vocals that everyone can understand easily.

    4. MetalHeads worship Satans - Listening to a song on satan worshippers doesn't make you a satan lover.



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