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  • Anonymous fan 9 months ago

    How to use manual focus?

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  • Monica Singh fan 8 months ago

    Switching to manual focus is as easy as flipping that switch on the lens barrel. Getting your subject sharp, however, isn’t quite so simple. So how do you get a sharp shot with manual focus? There are a few tricks and techniques that increase the probability of getting a sharp shot.

    Manual focus works based on distance. If you look at the barrel of your lens, you’ll see distance markers that go up to infinity. If you had time, patience, a tripod and measuring tape, you could get a tack sharp image by measuring the distance to the subject exactly, but that’s not really practical.

    Most DSLRs switch to manual focus by using a switch on the lens, often marked with A and M or A/M. Switching to manual focus is usually just as simple as flipping that switch. Each camera may differ a bit, so check with your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure.

    Adjusting the focus is done simply by turning the ring around the front part of the lens. Turning the ring clockwise will focus on objects that are closer to the camera, and vice versa. Since manual focus works based on distance, you could also move the camera instead of turning the lens—this is a popular manual focus method among macro photographers.

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