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  • Anonymous fan 11 months ago

    What are the best online resources for learning photography?

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  • Monica Singh fan 10 months ago




    You can read and read and read about photography until you're blue in the face. 
    The danger of online resources is that there's a ton of them. So here's  advice. Two parts:
    Don't just read–look! Look at blogs of professional photographers. Look at famous photographs. Look at art. Pay close attention to how all these artists use light, shadows. How they compose the image. How they use textures, patterns and geometry to draw the eye to the subject. You're not just getting ideas from others, you're also training your eyes to see scenes in a new way.
    And next:
    Get out there! take your brand new DSLR and sit in front of the computer and the manual for hours. That's useful, but also usually ends up being a complete waste of time. Grab that camera and get outside. Find out something to photograph–a rusty bucket, a swing-set, whatever—and experiment. There's no teacher like experience, and no online resource can replace actually being out there firing off frames. 

    The next step is to look at your photos and critique them. Find what you like about them, and what you don't like. Learn from your mistakes. That's how you grow as a photographer. The best photographers point to experience as their teachers, not online resources, so get out there!
  • Neel fan 2 days ago

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