Best Holi Events In Delhi NCR to Celebrate The Festival of Colors !

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With the sweet calling of the cuckoo birds and the blitz of Tesu flowers everywhere, the spring festival of love beckons and teasingly brings out the playful in all of us! This Festival of Colors is a sweet celebration that presents a beautiful reflection of art and culture. This celebration is as age-old as it is new-fangled in so many ways.

Celebration of Colors

The spring festival Holi is a true fiesta of colors both in spirit and in practice. It is acclaimed all over India and over the world as a celebration of love and true merriment in the midst of beautiful colors of every kind. The popularity of Holi in India has grown so much that a large number of people from outside India have also started to travel to hot Holi locale spots simply to be a part of the festivity. The social art community in India has further encouraged and supported the growth of this festival through a glut of beautiful events set up in different parts of the country.

Holi Festivals in Delhi NCR

With the onslaught of love and springtime jolly in the air, here are some of the most happening and inspiring Holi festivals around the capital city of India, Delhi that you can seek out in the name of colors:

  1.  Holi Moo FestivalThe Holi Moo or the Holy cow Festival as it was originally known is one of a kind splurge of colors and music that is held as a celebration of the Artist Community India. It is a special expression of art, culture, food, dancing with an unlimited supply of drinks to keep the festive spirit burning! In its 11th year, the Holi moo Festival invites artists from all kinds of genres and styles to perform in over 3-4 separate stages held across the site. With more than 40 artists performing in the event, the culmination of people gathering from all specters forms a gathering that is solely indulging in the spread of herbal colors and merry-making. Among festivals of Delhi, Holi Moo is one that is surely worth getting into with family and friends for a wholesome Holi experience. With last year’s kickass lineup following electronic, indie and jazz bands like Jazz B’stards, Bawri Basanti, Tritha, alongside the sweet melodious flute tunes of Kartikeya Vashist, the Holi Cow festival is a must-visit for music lovers finding and celebrating a love of the springtime season.
  2. JNU Grounds: The Jawaharlal Nehru University is home to more than 7000 students in its campus grounds. On the day of Holi, the campus comes to life and the students come out in all their gaiety to be part of the charming celebration. You can visit the campus grounds a day prior to witness the Chaat Sammelan, which takes place a night prior to the main Holi day. The students and professors emerge in full spirit distributing breakfast with Bhang in their respective hostels and rejoice by smearing colored powder on each other and lively music in every corner of the grounds. There are even special sweets and snacks prepared on Holi and distributed among the campus bearers on this day with students assembling across the beautiful Jhelum or Ganga lawns of the campus located opposite to the famed Ganga dhaba as a sweet getting together at the end of the day. If you’re looking to be part of an uber-enthusiastic burst of youthful music and color, the JNU campus is the place to be!
  3. Balam Pitchkari: Located among the farmhouse sites of Delhi, this festival has grown to be recognized as a good place to celebrate Holi as a private affair. Balam Pichkari is one of the trendiest holi parties in Delhi organized every year in Noida at the Buddh Farms. You can be part of fun and exciting activities like rain-dance bashes, pool-side parties amidst Electronic Dance Music beats, amongst the wildest party goers of Delhi city.
  4. Holi India Color Festival: The Holi India Color Festival is a large-scale event which is organized on a global scale. This carnival of colors has grown to be all the rage especially for vacationers and foreigners who seek to be part of the sweet festivities. Celebrated at the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, New Delhi the festival has developed in reputation and recognition and is managed in places outside India, all the way to Southeast Asia North America, and, Europe.
  5.  Supermoon Holi: This eco-friendly Holi event takes the festivity to another level altogether with its female centric line-up exhibiting some brilliant musicians during international women’s week! This festival highlights the image of women as bold, independent, vibrant, and dynamic hitting the right chord according to her own style and rhythm. With specially curated food & drinks, this event is worth raising the roof with the many colours of Holi. One of the most interesting spot at this event is the  thandai bar where people are mostly found to be flocking and merrymaking. The festival also promotes organic colored powders as part of their eco-friendly motto. Be a part of this festival to enjoy Holi in the peaceful way that you deserve!
  6. Rang Festival: This supersonic event represents one of India’s largest Electronic Music & Arts Festival during the festivities of Holi. Organised by the Eventwala, the Rang Holi festival started first in 2008 and is still going strong till present date. The singular objective of Rang is to produce an ultimate electronic musical experience to revel in the colorful Holi festival! The festival offers a plethora of fun-filled activities starting from a beautiful range of musicals from International and home-bred artists, specially designed cocktails with a fabulous layout of lip-smacking Holi snacks. Also, be a part of the legendary rain dance and drinking games in conjunction with amazing visuals and loads of color!

When all’s said and done, the Holi festival truly marks the spirit of fun and liveliness expressed in huge bursts of colors. This unique festival truly marks the true character of beautiful culture and one of the best places of celebration in India is Delhi city owing to the authenticity of its vibrant culture. Bring out the fun hooligan in you this Holi and celebrate with the best of love and colors!

Perfect Funky Holi Playlist

In the spirit of celebrating the language of love and bhang, check out some funky songs that you can play out during your colorful revelry:

  1. Inalab : Kwab ft Shubha Mudgal
  2.  Boondein: The Iyer Project
  3. Lost In Shimla : That Boy Robbie
  4. Kosh : Pakshee
    – or/and  Indie Graffiti : Haeli Maeri
  5. Mocaine : 97′
  6. Moongphali : Bahatareen
  7. BlackJane : Surrender
  8. CCC: SundayRides with Rosie
  9.  Amidst the Pines : The Reasonable Hope
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