Beginning Of Celebrity Shoutout Engagement 

When the world quarantined in March 2020, artists of all genres started to explore innovative practices to outlive boredom while the lives of general people were paused behind closed doors. Celebrities, too, couldn’t act or perform or appear in public. The answer came in Skillbox: Artist Booking Agency and a known video-messaging stage that empowers its famous artists to tape personalized clips for its followers. For those who were more recognizable, it was a revolution. Settling event rejoicing with friends and loved ones is what makes every particular day count. So with a celebrity shout-out, video shout-out gets an artist, comedian, or actor to share a custom message adding an appealing factor to your personalized note.

Celebrity shout-out videos enable you to pick from various industry professionals and artists professional, including influencers, actors, music artists, comedians, and the likes, to deliver personalized birthday wishes with a celebrity impression, making it a wonderment for the receiver. You are expected to pick an artist, then book an artist on the site and share your peculiarities. Later, you are all set to get a personalized video from the celebrity artist for you to unearth.


You could surprise a buddy, co-worker, family member, kid, or chose anyone with happy birthday wishes from stars they revere from the celebrity shout-out. You can decide to mark any occasion, not just a birthday or anniversary, but also job publicity, nuptials or event. You can share star video shout-outs just for having to recount to someone how fabulous they mean to you. Skill box’s Book an Artist platform gives you the luxury to have a personalized video message from a celebrity.

As an evolving celeb-crazy country, there are billions of people who are starstruck by their icons. Growing up, we were conscious of the strong appeal of celebrities and the trouble of reaching stars and engaging with them. The arrival of social media altered that by making them closer to their followers. However, there was a lack of personal interactions. And often would see that most of them just wanted a reply back or a birthday/anniversary wishes from their icons. But, we also knew that there was no option.

Apart from utter fate, a celebrity would go through your message among the millions and reply in time to make your anniversary or birthday a little more extraordinary.We identified a market notch where it’s tricky for fans to have two-sided interchanges with their favourite celebrities. So, while social media brought them on the same platform, SKILL BOX introduced the panel that brings Indian fandom to a new level.

The BOOK AN ARTIST category of SKILL BOX has always committed to choosing the regional route to merge with every section in the community and chat to celebrities through video messages. In their desired style, the video messages from the stars are personalized in their preferred language. The thought following the community policy is to set a direct connection with the audience through personalized celebrity shout-out.

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