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01:54 min.

Badar is a djent cover of Badar Ghir Aayi, which is a Chota Khyal from Raag Desh, which hugely impacted my playing when I first discovered it. Its raw, its aggressive and it hits you in the face without giving the listener any time to stop and breathe. Its volatile and it feels like it is going to explode any second, and that’s exactly what happens in the last breakdown. All hell breaks loose as a roaring guitar solo takes over the main riff and shreds it to pieces while being accompanied by monstrous double bass hits. It marks the first climax in the course of the record where the character enters the second dimension in the course of his/her journey.

Rock Fusion


Praveen Yadav nice

September 06 Reply

Rooh This is good . stuff guys

September 07 Reply

Dinesh adhikari 📻🎵🎧🎷

September 07 Reply